by Ultra Eczema

  • Recycled C60 Cassette

    A monthly mixtape - hopefully! - compiled on recycled, found cassettes. The sound quality can be rather psychedelic, but so can life.

    January edition. Includes music and sounds by King Charles Head, DSR Lines, Grey Skull, Zero Positives, Jäy Condom & Gärs Panter, Serge Gainsbourg, Menstruation Sisters, Marcelle Van Bemmel, Guillaume Bijl, LD50, TUOB, Church Police, Wannes Van De Velde, AGOG, Radio Centraal jingles, Catalogue, Pascal commelade, Michael Van Den Abeele, and Cotton Casino.

    Approximately 72 copies

    Sold Out


released February 17, 2019



Ultra Eczema Antwerp, Belgium

No shipping between june 28th until july 15th 2019!
New UE ear or eye "candy" and some "sold out warehouse finds".

All items are physical copies! We don't offer audio downloads of these releases, you can listen to previews on our soundcloud page, thanks.
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